The St. Suibhne Trust presents:

The Broken Sword

Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1941

The sudden death of seventeen-year-old Canadian Patrick MacQueen’s little sister has wrecked his idyllic world and shattered his family. Still clinging to his boyhood ideals of honor and glory, he lies about his age to enlist and go off to war.

He never could have imagined what lay ahead.

The Broken Sword opens with Patrick MacQueen fighting to keep his head above water as a fledgling signalman in the Canadian Army. An accident on the firing range dashes his hopes to see action and he returns to the sultry shores of his Bermuda home to recover. There he falls under the spell of a seductive Nazi sympathizer, Lady Lemonton. Just as things begin to spin out of control, he gets a chance to return to the war. He’s commissioned a Royal Canadian Navy lieutenant and plunges into battle with German U-boats on the icy North Atlantic. But even as he struggles for sanity and survival, his journey takes another unexpected turn when he meets Lady Lemonton while on leave in Ireland. She promises him honor and glory—and herself—if only he will join the enemy. Does he have the strength to resist? And where do his loyalties really lie when he emerges as a key conspirator in an attempted coup d’état to defend Newfoundland’s sovereignty from a transatlantic power play?

Inspired by a true story, The Broken Sword is a riveting coming-of-age saga that offers a never before seen worm’s-eye view of a world at war and lifts the veil on untold histories.

Learn more about the author and founder of The St. Suibhne Trust, R. Mingo Sweeney.